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May 1, 2019 


What is #HaveMercyGiveMercy?

From midnight to midnight on May 1, Mustangs around the world are invited to show their MMU spirit loud and proud—to show that all of us have mercy and give mercy 

Have Mercy & Energize MMU Pride

We want to focus on 24 hours of sharing our Mount Mercy spirit on social media platforms. Wear blue and yellow and/or MMU clothing, and publicize your appreciation for Mount Mercy through social media posts using the hashtag #HaveMercyGiveMercy. This promotes MMU within our community and across the country.

Give Mercy & Increase Philanthropic Support

The importance of this day is participationnot dollar amount. Every gift, no matter the size, counts and helps make the MMU experience possible. The goal is 501 donors in just 24 hours. If we reach that goal, an additional $25,000 gift will be donated by the Board of Trustees to the MMU Fund.

Why May 1?

A 30+ year tradition at Mount Mercy is the Grotto May Day Celebration at the historic Our Mother of Sorrows Grotto. In previous years, the annual May Day celebration involved crowning the May Queen, presenting music and dance performances, and capturing photo opportunities. This annual event took place on campus from 1928–1958. 

Why be 1 of the 501?

Because you love MMU and gifts of every size count toward the donor goalthat means, yes, every $1 makes an impact! Gifts to MMU Fund impact every part of our coMMUnity from academics and athletics to campus updates. With your support, you make the MMU experience possible. Also, the Board of Trustees has offered a challenge gift—if we reach our 501 donor goal, the Board will donate $25,000 to the MMU Fund. 

Follow the Excitement

Mount Mercy’s first-ever day of giving, #HaveMercyGiveMercy, took place on May 1, 2018—surpassing all goals and garnering Mustang pride throughout the community. 


To get involved, be a social media ambassador, or learn more please contact:

Michaela Pease | Director for Development & Alumni Relations | mpease@mtmercy.edu | 319-363-1323 x1869