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Project Connect — Mount Mercy University

Project Connect is designed to equip students from diverse backgrounds with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to achieve success at Mount Mercy University.

This initiative is a full-year, academic support and leadership program that includes a three-week, residential, credit-bearing course. With Project Connect, students will develop an individual plan to guide their college experience, as well as participate in weekly workshops and panels—all geared toward academic, personal, and professional success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a deadline for participating in Project Connect?
    While there is no absolute deadline, we encourage students to apply for the summer program before July 1 or during the first two weeks of the Fall and Spring semester.
  • Am I required to live on campus during the summer component?
    Yes, part of the summer component is that you live on campus and participate in the activities and programming in the evenings.    
  • What are the costs associated with Project Connect?
    Project Connect is a free program for all those who are eligible. 
  • What are some of the benefits of participating in Project Connect?
    Project Connect address some of the issues students struggle with most as they transition from high school to college. Students benefit from participation in the program through community engagement, academic preparation, understanding of University resources, and friendships with fellow students before the Fall semester begins. 
  • What is my commitment during the academic year?
    During the academic year, students will be responsible for attending monthly workshops, completing resiliency exercises, monthly meetings with the Director of Project Connect, meeting with community mentor, and attending community events.
  • How long is the Project Connect Program?
    Project Connect is a full-year program that begins with a three-week summer session and continues through the first year with programs and advising each semester. Students are encouraged to remain active through their second year as mentors to freshman in the program.
  • Who is eligible for Project Connect?
    Any student who is low-income (Pell Grant Eligible), minority, or a first-generation college student (neither parent has completed a four-year degree)
  • What class will I take during the summer?
    You will take Psychology of Adjustment which will study the problems and processes of psychological adjustment to stresses, conflicts, anxieties, and frustrations of life. The course is part of the core curriculum and will cover the “Holistic Health” domain.


June 16
Registration Day

July 28
Move In Day

July 30–Aug. 17
Psychology of Adjustment Course

Aug. 18
Project Connect Success Celebration

Aug. 18–21
All Campus Welcome Week

Aug. 22
First Day of Fall Semester

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  • Attend monthly first-Friday workshops
  • Complete monthly resilience exercises
  • Monthly advising sessions with Director of Project Connect
  • Meet with community mentor
  • Attend 5 community events per semester