Josh Long ’19
Biology Major // Psychology Minor // Physical Therapy

At first, sophomore Josh Long was undecided about where to attend college, but with a little help from his older sister, Mount Mercy soon became the frontrunner.

“My first real exposure to this institution was through my older sister, who is now an upperclassman in nursing,” Long said. “She was one of the main influences that convinced me to apply here.”

After attending Scholarship Day, Long, a biology major and psychology minor, knew MMU would be his new home.

“She may not remember it, but the president of the university herself sat down and had about a 15-minute talk with my mother when she came with me,” Long said. “After leaving that day, I knew that this is where I would go to school.”

Long has embraced the opportunities Mount Mercy offers students to get involved. Outside of class, he is a member of the track team, Science Club, Fishing Club and Bike Club. He also works for St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids, as well as the Academic Center for Excellence at Mount Mercy.

After graduation, Long hopes to attend graduate school for physical therapy. He believes the openness and support of professors—in both the physical therapy pre-professional program and general courses—will help him get there.

“Beyond the care professors here show about a student’s work in class, they also show a genuine interest in the student as a person. They know what your goal after Mount Mercy is and will give you the advice you need to get you to your goal. Students here are lucky to be able to have such solid resources.”

Set in the heart of Cedar Rapids, Long is thankful for the opportunities provided by the University’s location to local businesses.

“A city like Cedar Rapids provides for many quality work experience opportunities that may be hard to find or compete for in other cities.”

When asked about time spent at MMU so far, Long said the people he has met have made his journey to MMU worth it.

“The people here are some of the nicest people I know. From my neighbors to my professors, I think the caring nature of the people here is what sets this place apart.”