Mount Mercy University now offers new specialty license plates, available through the Iowa Department of Transportation. 

Mount Mercy alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends of the University can showcase their pride in Iowa’s newest university with Mustangs blue and gold license plates. The plates are available through each Iowa county treasurer’s office. 

  •     Numbered Plates: $25 with a $5 annual validation fee and registration fee
  •     Personalized Plates: $50 with a $5 annual validation fee and registration fee

Personalized Plates may consist of up to 7 characters and numbers. All plates must have at least 2 characters.

Personalized Plates: 
Personalized license plates may consist of up to seven characters and numbers. All personalized plate choices must have at least two characters.

  •     No punctuation marks are allowed.
  •     No denoting a government agency (i.e., DOT ).
  •     No display of characters which are sexual in connotation.
  •     No characters suggesting profane, obscene or inflammatory words or phrases, or those contrary to public policy.
  •     No characters or words defined in dictionaries as a term of vulgarity, contempt, prejudice, hostility, insult, or racial or ethnic degradation.
  •     No characters considered to be offensive.
  •     No characters that conflict with the regular license numbering system.
  •     Recognized as a swear word.
  •     Reference to an illegal substance or criminal act.
  •     Any foreign word falling in any of these categories.
  •     No duplicate combination of characters.

Eligible vehicles include passenger cars, trucks, trailers and travel trailers.

Your plates will be sent to your county treasurer's office and they will notify you when your plates are ready. Plates must be assigned to a vehicle within 90 days or the plates will be voided and no refund issued. Your current plates must be exchanged for your new plates.

Other plates out and about:

Let us know what YOUR Mount Mercy license plate looks like by sharing your photo with us on the Mount Mercy Facebook page or the Mount Mercy Alumni Facebook page.