Megan Atkin ’19
Actuarial Science & Finance Majors // Mathematics Minor

Sophomore Megan Atkin had three requirements for her future school: 1) the ability to pursue a career in Actuarial Science 2) the opportunity to play soccer at the collegiate level and 3) a small school that focused on building personal relationships.

Lucky enough, Atkin was led to Mount Mercy.

Atkin, who is double majoring in Actuarial Science and Finance and minoring in Mathematics, loves the challenge her educational paths bring.

“My favorite part about my classes is how the teachers connect them to the real world,” Atkin said. “Every class is connected to real life examples that allow for a more in depth experience in the class room. I also enjoy how many of my classes connect to each other. I was taking Financial Management, Microeconomics and Calculus Three last semester and there were parts in each class that overlapped. This was a great way for me to connect dots between the different subject that I was taking.”

Atkin was also given the opportunity to be part of the women’s soccer team.

“Another college expectations box was checked when Raven McMurrin [women’s soccer head coach] was able to watch me play for my high school soccer team,” Atkin said. “She drove six hours to watch my team play in the pouring rain. She ended up offering me a scholarship to play soccer at the collegiate level.”

Lastly, the size of Mount Mercy was appealing to Atkin, and she has already noticed the benefits paying off. The University boasts a 14:1 student-to-faculty ratio.

“I also know all of my professors and they know me. Last semester I walked into a class with Mr. Rittenhouse. I had never been in one of his classes before, and he already knew me by name. He remembered me from a few small conversations we had had about my class schedules.”

Atkin said she is thankful for the amount of networking Mount Mercy provides students and knows the people she meets will help in the pursuit of her dream job.

“After I graduate from Mount Mercy University I want to get a career as an actuary. Mount Mercy is helping me achieve this by creating a challenging curriculum. I am learning the information that I need to pass my exams to become a certified actuary. I am also getting connected to companies and business that Mount Mercy has relationships with. This allows me to have an edge up from my competition—people who are looking for the same jobs.”