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Want a head start on your master's degree? 

Current MMU students can take up to four graduate-level courses in any of our graduate programs during their undergraduate studies, if eligible.  

The advantages to completing graduate courses during your senior year include:

  • Fulfill remaining electives of your bachelor’s program

  • Get an early start on your master’s degree. 

  • Use your current financial aid without incurring additional tuition*
    *Additional fee if combined credit hours (undergraduate and graduate) exceed 16 credit hours per semester. 

MMU offers graduate-level degrees in the fields of study found below.

Speak with your advisor to see if you qualify, and ask about the possibility of arranging this within your schedule. 

“I knew I wanted to pursue something further in the field of nursing, and I thought taking graduate courses would be a great way to help me decide what area of nursing I may want to specialize in down the road. In choosing to start my master’s degree early, I was able to make more valuable connections with other nurses in the area, discover the importance of evidence-based practice, pursue necessary professional skills, and foster my personal development.”

Emily Vittetoe ’19 
Staff Nurse, University of Iowa Health Care