Logan Langer '19

Logan Langer '19

Logan Langer ’19

BBA | Marketing, Finance
Sales Representative, GEICO

Obstacles and difficulties are what challenge us, how you get up from those obstacles is what defines us.

Logan Langer ’19 exemplifies someone who doesn’t allow challenges to define him.

“I don’t take anything for granted,” he said.

Originally from Minnesota, Langer graduated with a degree in marketing and finance. He secured a job before graduation with GEICO in North Liberty where he works as a sales representative. As a student, he participated in extracurricular activities that include Investment Club, bowling team captain, and intramurals.

“I’ve been bowling my whole life,” Langer said. Bowling is a tradition in his family, and he was an instant force in the sport, playing varsity in eighth grade.

But life became difficult for Langer during his tenth-grade year, and bowling was put on hold when he underwent multiple surgeries due to issues with his bladder.

“I honestly almost didn’t pass high school because of that. I was only in class for a quarter of the year.” But he pushed through the surgeries, and with the odds stacked against him, Langer altered the way he envisioned his future.

“I never thought that I would bowl again.”

Even with this doubt, he didn’t let his discouragements take away from the goals he set for himself when he was a child. Although it’s easy to take in the bad and live in misery, Langer defied the norm by taking his bad and altering it to gratefulness and positivity.

Langer said the obstacles “shaped who I am today” and “I always have a smile.”

When fully recovered from the surgeries, Langer made up for lost time and went to every bowling tournament possible. This is where Langer and MMU Bowling Coach Andy Dierks first met. That meeting led Langer to MMU’s bowling team where he earned a spot as captain.

Langer said that the most important lesson he learned from bowling was teamwork. “No matter where you go, you need someone. You teach.”

Langer said he also valued “learning about myself while growing up here.”

Part of growing up at MMU meant learning the importance of leadership and getting involved.

“Getting involved helps you get to know more people,” he said.

Langer is thankful for his experiences at Mount Mercy and expressed the beauty of being a student at the University, stating, “The teachers care. They’re the best teachers I’ve ever had in my life! They even email you when you skip class.”

Langer said another important thing he learned at Mount Mercy is the importance of volunteerism. He wants to dedicate what he can in giving back to the world that allowed him to pursue his dreams, despite all the obstacles he faced.


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