Megan Muñoz ’11, ’13 MSN empowers her community one podcast at a time

Megan Muñoz ’11, ’13 MSNMegan Muñoz ’11, ’13 MSN

As the only current podcast hosted by a Certified Diabetes Educator, Megan Muñoz ’11, ’13 MSN is helping people living with Type 2 Diabetes by walking them through their problems and sharing her insight. From the topic of the day, to diabetes dilemmas, to the take away of the day Muñoz shares any and all helpful information she comes by with her listeners.

MMU: You first graduated from MMU in 2011 with your BSN, then in 2013 with your MSN. Where has your journey taken you since?

MM: I worked at UIHC on the Adult Medical Unit for approximately 2 years right after graduation. I then switched into an inpatient diabetes education role as soon as one became available. I was always drawn to working with people with diabetes after a positive nursing school experience with a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE). I have since held CDE roles in both an inpatient and outpatient capacity. I work with people living with all types of diabetes, including Type 1, Type 2, LADA, and GDM. I have been active in all my workplaces creating policies, protocols, educational tools, staff training, etc. I’ve done a number of local presentations and, this year, was chosen to speak at the Iowa Diabetes and Wellness Summit in November.

MMU: You recently started your own podcast for those living with Type 2 Diabetes—exciting! What inspired you to start a podcast? Why Type 2 Diabetes?

MM: Right now, Type2andYou with Meg is the only podcast by a CDE dedicated to those living with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D). Type2andYou with Meg is a 15 minute, weekly podcast episode which releases every Tuesday. There are three segments: Topic of the Day where I talk about a variety of topics related to living with T2D; Diabetes Dilemmas where I answer questions that are submitted to me; and Take Away of the Day where I give tips, resources, and guidance on how to turn the Topic of the Day into action.

I was inspired by the people I’ve met as a CDE! There are a lot of stigmas about T2D and I often see this have a large impact on someone’s quality of life. Additionally, I know less than 10% of people with T2D will ever get a chance to meet someone like me, a CDE. So, my goal was to create something to help people feel empowered, confident, and supported. I want to fill the gap between the medical world and their everyday lives with T2D.

MMU: What are you goals for Type2andYou? What do you hope listeners gain?

MM: Many people (in fact, some surveys show close to 70%) feel a personal sense of failure related to their diabetes. I want to help reduce that number and de-stigmatize T2D. I want people to feel respected, instead of demoralized. I want them to understand that how their body works (blood sugars, diabetes, etc.) is not a reflection of them as a person. If even one listener gains that understanding, then this podcast will be a success. My other goal is empowerment. I want listeners to understand T2D in a way that they can then advocate for better medical care, identify and use support systems, work towards improving self-care actions, and so on.

MMU: What topics have you covered on the show? Which episode do you usually point people to first, or which is your favorite?

MM: I try to do a nice amount of variation in topics each month. So, I’ve covered everything from diabetes stigmas to combination medications, to personalizing blood sugar goals, and T1D vs T2D through the eyes of your T2D body. I’m planning on having some great guests on through the fall and new year, that specialize in nutrition, exercise, and emotional aspects of diabetes, so I’ve very excited about that! My goal is to have January podcast episodes with these experts so listeners wanting to set New Year’s resolutions can get some input on how to develop ones that are realistic and well-rounded for their diabetes self-care.

My favorite is tough! I think the Diabetes Stigmas (my first episode) is a good one. I also have a great one on Diabetes Burnout coming out late September.

MMU: Are you writer, producer, host—or do you have help? How do you manage? Was the process what you expected? Or did you hit bumps in the road?

MM: All of the above—writer, producer, and host! I don’t know how I manage! My husband is a tremendous help with listening in and giving feedback. He’s also great help with the kids, so I have blocks of time to work on my website posts and podcast episodes. Great support from loved ones, encouragement and support from friends and family, feedback from my listeners—all of it keeps me going! The process with podcasting takes longer than I expected. Editing after recording takes forever! Overall, I think the process was pretty smooth otherwise. I did a ton of research on podcasting and spoke with experts on it before I started, so I had a pretty good idea going into it what it would look like.

MMU: How can listeners access your podcast?

MM: You can subscribe to Type2andYou with Meg on most major podcast apps (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iheartradio, Spotify, etc.). For a direct link, go to Type2andYou.Org. While you’re there subscribe to Type2andYou. By doing so, you’ll automatically get an email each Tuesday with a link to the podcast episode as well as tools and resources that coordinate with the podcast episode. You’ll also get a monthly email which outlines what’s coming up for the next month! Makes sure if you like what you hear on Type2andYou with Meg, give it a 5 star rating, so others know it’s worth their while to stop and listen in!

MMU: What advice would you give to someone who may be nervous about starting something new—whether it’s nursing school, a podcast, or something different? What do you wish you had known?

MM: When you try something new, you’ll always learn something new. I’ve gained an incredible amount of knowledge on websites, podcasting, business, networking, etc., that I would never have gained if I hadn’t started Type2andYou with Meg. You never know what path that knowledge, and the people you meet through it, may lead you. Trying something new, especially like podcasting, takes a special confidence in yourself because you’re displaying a part of yourself that could be criticized or rewarded. Scary! The most important thing is to believe in yourself, but be humble. Listen and learn from others, but don’t let others and their abilities deter you from sitting at the table and lending your voice! Finally, one of my favorite quotes is, “A dream without goals is just a dream.” If you want something, you have to be methodical about getting it.

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