Max Rieger '20 was able to do an internship for credit this summer, despite living internationally

Max Rieger '20 | BBA Business, PsychologyMax Rieger ’20 | BBA Business, Psychology

This past summer, Mount Mercy students gave @mtmercy Snapchat followers an inside look at their internships. We saw their busy schedules, sat through meetings, met co-workers, and learned why internships are essential. We wanted to know more, so we asked students about the application process, work atmosphere, favorite experiences, and advice for future interns.

MMU: Where was your internship, and what was it like?

MR: My internship was at the treasury/financing department at Verbundnetz Gas AG (VNG) in Leipzig, Germany. Throughout my internship, my task was to calculate enterprise values for different future outlooks, while maintaining the seller case and accounting for possible risks and impacts in the future.

MMU: How did you learn about the internship, and what did the application process entail?

MR: My dad worked with the head of the department and asked if they had an open position for me during the summer. I had to send over my resume, and then a Skype interview was held.

MMU: How would you describe the work atmosphere in five words?

MR: Relaxed, encouraging, helpful, trusting, demanding.

MMU: What did you learn from the internship that you didn’t know before?

MR: Generally, I learned much about myself, about personal preferences, and the type of work I would or would not like to do in my future career. Besides that, I acquired multiple Excel skills and team skills necessary for finance jobs.

MMU: Do you feel like internships are important? Why?

MR: I feel like internships are very important—especially for students. They offer the opportunity to apply knowledge that we have gained throughout our studies. We can deepen our knowledge, acquire new skills that we can, in turn, apply in our studies again, and also determine whether our major/minor really is what we would like to do in our future career. We get to know the work life, and we understand what we can do with our major and how jobs would look within our profession. Moreover, employers will look at our resume and work experience, which might give us an advantage compared to other job applicants. An internship really gives students a head start.

MMU: What advice would you give to future interns?

MR: Try out as much as you can. There are very few commitments for an internship compared to a real job. When trying out the internship, we can get to know professions available for our major and determine what we like and what we don’t like. Put forth effort, impress, and you might even get a job offer post-graduation based on your internship performance.

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