Beyond the Margins Workshop Series

November 14, 2019 - 3:00pm to 7:00pm | Mount Mercy University - Chapel of Mercy

Dr. Wachanga
An award-winning documentarian. His documentary projects seek to preserve African diasporas' memories and histories by capturing raw voices using visual and auido technology.

The Beyond the Margins Workshop Series explores social justice and activism through art, performances, research, and technology. This event is sponsored through the Cultural Affairs committee and the Office of Diversity and International Students at Mount Mercy University.

“In the margin that is a site of creativity and power, that inclusive space where we recover ourselves, where we move in solidarity…Marginality as site of resistance. Enter that space. Let us meet there. Enter that space. We greet you as liberators.”

“Where there is unlimited access to the pleasure and power of knowing, where transformation is possible.”

                                                                                                         bell hooks (1984)


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